30 April 2007

working my way back to someplace i've never been

applied over the weekend for promotions at job#1. was told that i should apply for a promotion at job#2 later this week, which i probably will also. getting more sleep these days as well. life is good for now.

Goe, drinking some soda.

assmunchers right ahead!

new storyblogging carnival up over theres someplace.

need sleep.

Goe, going to eat some dinner first.

17 April 2007

livejournal vs. myspace vs. blogger.

other than myspace having way too many friggin ads, they're all about the same but mostly incompatible.

Goe, wondering why technology keeps us apart.

14 April 2007

talked to big boss, was mostly blown off, he let a few key things slip about why/how and i called him on a couple of things, but mostly nothing came of it.

Goe, trying for the even keel.

13 April 2007

more workplace drama

or maybe not, big boss was in a meeting yesterday, and had today off, so nothing came of anything yet.

Goe, waiting.

12 April 2007

beeeg change

was talking to someone overnight while working and waiting for the big boss to show up so i could give notice and they pointed out that passing me over without my consent was a violation of the union contract. talking with someone else later on and was told that the person who was promoted over me was screwing stuff up so badly that they weren't likely to be kept around long, let alone kept in a position of any authority. then the big boss was in a meeting all morning, so i couldn't talk to him anyways. feeling more optimistic about the situation, but still unsettled.

Goe, seems likely to be staying at job#2 now...

11 April 2007

xferring woes

the hr person at the place i'm trying to get xferred to won't speak to me, and the manager just sort of politely blew me off. going to give notice and look for work elsewheres.

Goe, unhappy.

10 April 2007

la di da

didn't get around to going back, but slept until it was time to go to job #1. then the bus from there back to the real world was 50 minutes late. took forever to get home. hungry, tired, annoyed. there's also the whole angry, bitter, and hateful thing as well.

Goe, wishing the whole clocktower sniper thing was an option.

Xferring impediments

still trying to get xferred to another location of job#2. stopped by this morning and the hr person wasn't there, but is supposed to be back this afternoon. starting to get the impression that they're blowing me off much like the people i'm working for now. very disheartening.

Goe, tired of getting his ass busted for busting his ass.

09 April 2007

nutless assmunchers ahoy!

so the guy who is getting promoted at job#2 for doing nothing at all is going to get promoted again for again doing nothing at all. he kisses ass a lot and now that they've let us know that he's going to get promoted again, everyone but me seems to be kissing his ass, two of the other qualified guys getting passed over went on a beach trip with him, he doesn't have to work weekends because it interferes with his social life, and soon he'll be off graveyards for the same reason. meanwhile, I'm expected to bust my ass on weekends and graveyards and be happy about having no option of doing anything else.

Goe, not happy with this.

all work and no play

getting completely fucked at both jobs. rewards for working hard? yes, i work hard and someone else gets rewarded. pisses me off so much. grrrrrr.

Goe, angry.

03 April 2007

Is Big Brother really watching you?

32 security cameras within 200 yards of George Orwell's former home. 32 government owned/operated security cameras.

Goe, fighting against IngSoc.