28 February 2008

harassment "solution"

the company solution to my discrimination complaint is that i'll be fired if i work too hard, if i don't work hard enough, or if any co-workers think i'm scary looking. i fail to see how this is a solution to anything other than my continuing to work there.

Goe, baffled but glad he already filed the eeoc complaint.

27 February 2008


people who know absolutely nothing about my work-related problems are giving me job leads elsewhere for higher-paying positions. woot! the work-related problems are, thanks to a union rep who takes names (no ass-kicking, goe does not abide workplace violence) probably at an end. so woot!

will be nice of one of the other jobs pans out. would be nice to win the lottery too. =-]

Goe, has hope for nice things.

26 February 2008


someone expressed interest in the generic adventure, so i went back and reread what i'd written. needs some re-writing but im thinking about picking up the story again. granted, i've already got a half-dozen or more unfinished stories, but what's the downside?

Goe, up too late.

21 February 2008

union does good

heard back from the union rep, who was confused, asked a lot of questions, and was very supportive. they're going to follow up on what's been going on since management chose to negate an understanding that they had about me. no 'get over it' from them, so yay! this is good news.

Goe, has some hope for the future.

if it's not one thing

it's another. am sick. work stress isn't helping, but i don't think that's what made me sick. oh well. heard back from a couple of people i really wanted to hear back from on the work thing, but they didn't have anything new to tell me, just asked some questions to clarify their understanding of what's been happening. maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe a train... dunno.

Goe, not well enough to eat.

20 February 2008

harassment redux

Thanks to a link provided by Kate, I've filed a complaint with the EEOC about the reprisals/retaliation that my managers have embarked upon. Not supposed to hear back for close to a month though. Tried to call my Union Rep to see if they had something more substantial to say than 'get over it', but no answer. Sent an e-mail to the company mailbox for harassment complaints since calling the phone number doesn't get you anywhere. On the plus side, got a tip on a job that pays better. One of those jobs where you have to know someone who already works there and only find out about from them.

Goe, gratz to Kate and Sanya on their respective babies.

15 February 2008

writers strike

speaking of useless unions, now that the writers strike is over and production on tv shows and movies will resume after months of nothing new, how many people won't notice a difference? so last week every tv show was a rerun of something made several years ago, and next week every tv show is a rerun of something made several years ago but with different actors and character names. except of course for the Dali Network, where plate ferret moose.

Goe, chillin' betwixt Kafka and Dali.

14 February 2008

harassment reprisal

okay, so i made a sexual discrimination complaint which it turns out isn't considered an issue where i work, but just a form of harassment, so it became a harassment complaint. this annoyed a lot of the people i work with. management said they'd look into it, then told me that there was nothing worth following up on. then they told me that i just needed to get over it and would be fired if i harassed anyone, did anything that could be construed as harassment, or made any reprisals against my coworkers or management (such as making another harassment complaint because it hasn't stopped).

Goe, noticed that more work = more threats of being fired, less work = managers drinking buddy.

10 February 2008

whee i guess

work nights. cant sleep today. made a sexual discrimination complaint over three months ago at work. was blown off by pretty much everyone because i'm not what could be described as one of the cool kids. since everyone knows i made the complaint, they've changed it from being heavily preferential treatment to the women who work there, to being detrimental treatment of just me. i'm not happy. only one person i work with can manage more than half my workload and they are leaving in a few weeks, but everyone else gets breaks twice as long as mine and is praised for doing a fraction of the work (one person can't manage a third but is sleeping with one of the managers, so everyone but me thinks it's okay that they don't do much work, write their own schedule, and take breaks of extra length and frequency). what really sucks is that we're a union shop, we pay union dues, and the union's position is 'so what?'.

Goe, needs a new job.