10 February 2008

whee i guess

work nights. cant sleep today. made a sexual discrimination complaint over three months ago at work. was blown off by pretty much everyone because i'm not what could be described as one of the cool kids. since everyone knows i made the complaint, they've changed it from being heavily preferential treatment to the women who work there, to being detrimental treatment of just me. i'm not happy. only one person i work with can manage more than half my workload and they are leaving in a few weeks, but everyone else gets breaks twice as long as mine and is praised for doing a fraction of the work (one person can't manage a third but is sleeping with one of the managers, so everyone but me thinks it's okay that they don't do much work, write their own schedule, and take breaks of extra length and frequency). what really sucks is that we're a union shop, we pay union dues, and the union's position is 'so what?'.

Goe, needs a new job.


pril said...

yay for unions.

Goemagog said...

yeah, yay.

Goe, paying them for nothing.

Kate said...


Goemagog said...

hooray for the internet! I may even lay off the snarky lawyer comments for a while =-]

Goe, posting away.