24 May 2008

The Park and other things

Took the guys to a couple of parks this afternoon. Went to Mill End's Park first.

They are so small, it's hard to get them in focus. Darth kept mocking me until I threatened to feed him to a squirrel.

We left Mill End's Park and went to Mt. Tabor instead. We found a lamppost in the middle of nowhere, but no wardrobe to be seen...

Goe, did notice a lot of stairs.

18 May 2008


there's some sort of mini-marathon of shows about freemasons on the history channel. most of it is generalized history and conspiracy theories, but every now and then, as if by accident, they let slip something about a freemason ideology. it seems to be mostly a straightforward realistic ideology that i happen to share (at least in common with what they 'reveal' on tv).

it's like when math geeks say that the universe is written in math. it is. doesn't do me any good because i don't know calculus. most people don't. i try to explain it to people when explaining related matters as 'life is physics', momentum, leverage, inertia, etc. the masons seem (again, based on what they 'reveal' on tv) to have formed an ideology based on this compatible with the understandings of medieval stonemasons who didn't know calculus and lacked a scientific vocabulary to explain their knowledge of physics.

Goe, wonders why the aflac duck gets more girls than he does.

06 May 2008


to the Flea.

Goe, predicting it'll be a dorky nerd.