28 February 2009

Third Day

From Sculpture

Cheshire Sphinx doesn't look like itself yet. unfortunately, due to my low skill level, it may not get much closer. time will tell.

Goe, unsure.

27 February 2009

25 February 2009

had an idea

From Sculpture

The Goal.

From Sculpture

The Beginning

From Sculpture

The End of the Beginning

Goe, trying to learn new things.

24 February 2009

Amendment XIV

Amendment XIV is getting a second look from lawyers.

I seem to recall trying to make this case before somewheres...

Goe, running low on food again, time for shopping.

09 February 2009


I resumed my unpacking from my recent move and whilst being distracted by my lego's, it occurred to me how we can improve our national defense by visual intimidation of our enemies. the key is spikes. spikes on everything. an abrahms tank may have a 120mm smoothbore cannon capable of blowing up a lot of stuff, but an abrahms tank with big spikes on the front, and maybe a bayonet on the cannon, is a lot scarier if it's coming at you. now picture spikes on a hmmwv, an aircraft carrier, or a b-52. scarier.

Goe, because they SHOULD be afraid of us.

07 February 2009


went to darcelle's because a friend wanted to go (it was her birthday) and it was dead in there. maybe because it was a weekday, maybe because drag shows are fairly bland in a city where the mayor can be a pedophile. that even 'in-your-face' showiness can grow dingy with time is depressing.

Goe, thinking too much.