26 August 2006

Keeping up

tired, so very tired. sore, too. i'm an information junkie and i've been mostly unaware of what's happened in the world the past week. gave up on reading the corner two weeks ago. don't have the time to keep up with instapundit anymore, and i can barely keep up with cuteoverload. at job2, i was mostly an errandboy last night, and job1 sent me home early because i had hit the hour-cap for the week. my feet hurt because both jobs mostly involve standing or walking while holding boxes of varying sizes and weights, so i stopped off at a store and bought some gel insoles. they've a great fondness for 'memory foam', but i didn't want something that will squish down under my feet and stay squished, so i bought the gel ones instead.

Goe, waiting for the weekend postsecret update.

19 August 2006

guilty pleasure

it annoys me when i'm doing any sort of work that has customer interaction and i'm expected to be supercharming, but i like it when i'm the customer and cs women act flirty.

Goe, gots two paychecks, yay.

13 August 2006

Energy drinks

I'm frequently exhausted (more to do with relatives annoying me at all hours than anything else), but i've never tried an 'energy drink'. so tonight, being annoyed by relatives, i bought and tried a red bull. didn't give me wings, actually made it harder to stay awake for about an hour. meh.

Goe, wishes he could be as rude to people as they think he is.

10 August 2006


finished training at job #2 to find out that the person who made up the schedule didn't know i'm working there and left me out. still good chance of being able to do both jobs.

update: turns out they did know, did schedule me, and i either missed my name or read the wrong schedule. yay for bigger incomes.

Goe, usually likes customers.

09 August 2006

life is pain

of course, i'm not selling anything. going to see if i can work two part-time jobs. don't know if i can since they're not next to each other and the commute time may be greater than the difference between shifts. didn't feel well when i went to work this afternoon, and now i've a headache as well.

Goe, hoping for a good night's sleep.

03 August 2006


my manager is very big on teamwork. if we're low on stuff to do, we help the people on either side. it turns out that his managers don't like that. they want us to find other spots to work where there isn't someone already. it's strange that a company with such a high turnover rate would discourage comraderie, but it does help explain the high turnover rate.

Goe, not turned over.

01 August 2006

So please have a heart, Hollywood. If you can accept the wife beaters, wife killers, child molesters, gerbil lovers, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, undecideds, party animals, party sluts, coke addicts, alcoholics, gold-diggers, casting couch sleepers, Oprah couch jumpers, and washed up singers who troll for gay sex in the public park – then maybe you could find a little place in your heart for someone who doesn't always like Jews.

Especially when he's been drinking.


Goe, is none of the above, so will never be a star.