26 August 2006

Keeping up

tired, so very tired. sore, too. i'm an information junkie and i've been mostly unaware of what's happened in the world the past week. gave up on reading the corner two weeks ago. don't have the time to keep up with instapundit anymore, and i can barely keep up with cuteoverload. at job2, i was mostly an errandboy last night, and job1 sent me home early because i had hit the hour-cap for the week. my feet hurt because both jobs mostly involve standing or walking while holding boxes of varying sizes and weights, so i stopped off at a store and bought some gel insoles. they've a great fondness for 'memory foam', but i didn't want something that will squish down under my feet and stay squished, so i bought the gel ones instead.

Goe, waiting for the weekend postsecret update.

1 comment:

Rachmeg said...

but now you can't fly away

Rach - because this year I got home a week before the hurricane hits Myrtle beach.