10 August 2006


finished training at job #2 to find out that the person who made up the schedule didn't know i'm working there and left me out. still good chance of being able to do both jobs.

update: turns out they did know, did schedule me, and i either missed my name or read the wrong schedule. yay for bigger incomes.

Goe, usually likes customers.


Rachmeg said...

I thought the trick was to get paid for both jobs without actually having to do either.

Rach, Hoping to get past August 22 ok.

Goemagog said...

oh, that would be nice.

Goe, heard about 22aug as well.

Kate said...

I miss income.

Kate, wondering what is on Aug. 22.

Kate said...


Perhaps I should avoid major cities on Aug. 22.

I hope all this wedding planning and bar studying and law school attending wasn't all for naught. I could have been doing things like sky diving and swimming with dolphins and renting Ferraris.

Kate, worried about self-fulfilling prophecies.