19 September 2007

overheard on the sidewalk

so i'm walking home from work a few days ago, and i pass this kid and his mother trying to load stuff into a car. the kid (whom i'd guess was 10-12) is telling the mother that the case she's holding won't fit. she said something to him in spanish, and he replied 'then try it, lesbo'.

Goe, thinks it'll be hard to keep that one off his lawn.

15 September 2007

odd ad

was poking around online and saw an ad repeated several times on one page. the ad was for a charity and one of the messages it kept throwing out was "and remember, unlike prostate cancer, generosity won't kill you."

a little too close to "give us money or die painfully" kind of theme going there...

Goe, not worried about dying cause he's not a puny mortal like YOU!