23 February 2006

21 February 2006

Strange things

You'd think that given a choice, people would prefer to be free and prosperous instead of living under a vicious tyrannical government. You would be wrong.

Goe, wonders why we're still over there.

17 February 2006


Jim Hansen is a nasa scientist who writes about global warming. He claims every time he does an interview or writes an article that the government is trying to censor him. apparently in his little world, a large budget, large paycheck, and free access to every media organization on the planet is censorship. it annoys me when people see themselves in such a way that they have to define everything around them as it relates to their self-perception and then try to force those definitions on the rest of us.

Goe, can think of some people who would like to be thusly censored.

15 February 2006

linkspam ii

it used to be that almost every time i posted something, there'd be several hits within a couple of minutes, and both would be spamlinks. the referrals listing on sitemeter would point to blogs that exist solely to house advertisements. this was a bit offputting at first, but i got used to it (after turning on the weird code thing to block the comment spam that was coming with them). now these referral spams are coming at random. i haven't been posting much, but i still get three or four of those a day, plus a couple real visitors. i haven't been posting much not because i'm burned out, but because there's nothing to talk about. the most intersting thing i've learned in the past month that i didn't link to on here at the time is that harry potter seems to be a third cousin or so of draco malfoy.

Goe, doesn't read that much.

Google terms

there's froogle and i'm sure many other terms for googling things. but what about this idiot? a pro-censorship law student a few years behind the times. apparently not only does he support censorship (as long as it's done secretly, so the government doesn't know who is trying to get censored information), he doesn't know that the 'asshole' thing was the result of a deliberate attempt to trick google into giving the results a bunch of lefties wanted. since google is very supportive of oppressive, unelected dictatorships, it's not too hard to trick them into bashing who is trying to spread democracy and freedom in other countries.

Goe, doesn't play googlewhack.


Glanced through the QDR, is mostly a lot of rhetoric about the importance of change and flexibility. not a lot of real solutions for real problems, like soldiers running out of bullets, but plenty of new spots for senior officers to look busy until retirement.

Goe, against it still.

14 February 2006


I just can't bring myself to care about the olympics. this, however, is a different matter.

Goe, glad he didn't go there.

13 February 2006

07 February 2006


I've been putting some thought into fisking the communist manifesto... opinions?

Goe, unsure.


I don't read many blogs. I rarely read my own, although I visit frequently to use the links on the side over there --> to get places that I visit a lot. I did start reading a website that has a listing of the newest posts from local blogs. They general give me the creeps. Today, I was doing some perusing around looking for current events, got bored, and looked at the local blogs.

There are many such emergent threats today. The WTO. China. Our own neo-conservative movement. Al Queda is an after school club compared to these.

What can I say? I'm an American. I'm an Anarchist.

These are from the same post. These people are so fucking detached from reality it's no wonder that murderous dictators are seen as good guys.

Goe, against commies, even if they call themselves anarchists.

Acts of War

It used to be countries fought wars when an act of war was conducted by another country against them. now everyone sits and talks about misunderstandings and the importance of dialogue, even as more acts of war are committed. are we becoming invertebrate?

Goe, all substance, no style.

04 February 2006


was adamantly told today that margaritaville is a country western song.

Goe, still sort of stunned.