13 June 2009

an author

i stopped by a store to see what they had in the way of supercheap software and they had an author sitting at a table near women's clothing to sign books. nobody in line. never heard of him myself. very strange place...

Goe, works for a company that adamantly believes there are 1.37 quarts per gallon.

09 June 2009


From Summer 2009

They are coming soon which means...

This town apparently doesn't have them yet.

It's excited about having them soon.

People have the time to use proper english on their signs here, most places would have gone with "nachos soon" or "nachos coming soon".

Goe, getting up for the day.

08 June 2009

ice cream truck

one just went by. was playing 'rudolph the red nosed reindeer' in 80+ degree weather.

Goe, disturbed by this.

05 June 2009

a mural

From Summer 2009

kinda of hard to see. so here's a closer shot.

From Summer 2009

Goe, been getting around.