27 April 2008


I don't. I'd like to think it's because it's too much pressure on me, but really it's because I don't agree with anyone running for anything on more than a few issues. If I vote for Candidate X because they promise to reduce crime, I don't want them to assume that I'm supportive of expanding corvee labor.

Goe, not standing athwart history.

25 April 2008

whole lot o shakin

the earthquake swarm off the coast that made the news a few weeks ago faded away, but another swarm started, and this time someone with some know-how is checking it out to see if it's a new volcano, old fault line, or monster.

Goe, should go to bed soon.

21 April 2008

The Moon

the moon was out when I went to work. clouds were drifting by it, reminded me of the cheesy moon clips they use in werewolf movies where you see a bright spot in the clouds, then the clouds drift to the side and then you see the moon, with one or two small stringy clouds in front of it. it was kind of weird in that the clouds, as they drifted to the side, didn't drift smoothly. it was very stop'n'go, like it was an overlay with malfunctioning rollers that someone was running across the sky.

Goe, because my thoughts are not your thoughts.

18 April 2008

Walking along

Was walking to the store and someone came running up alongside me and then slowed to a walk. Was weird, so I looked at them and TA-DA, it was Crazy Guy.

Goe, may enlighten you someday with what he remembers of the Rabid Babboon conversation.

10 April 2008


someone has been instructing people i work with to not speak to me.

how is that not reprisal?

Goe, annoyed.

08 April 2008


I know lots of people who love cheesecake. I don't mind it but it's not something I would go out of my way to try. Saw some on sale at the store a month or so ago and thought I'd try it to see if I notice anything that I missed before, like flavor.

I didn't. Bland, gooey, etc., but now I keep finding myself wanting cheesecake. I still don't like or dislike it, I just want to eat it.

Goe, thinks it's weird.

07 April 2008


It's now my fault that coworkers have access to my managers email and read stuff that they shouldn't have.

Goe, disconcerted and discombobulated.

06 April 2008

harassment humor

people i dont know and don't work with but see every few weeks at work have been asking me about a relationship between my boss and a coworker. a relationship that is a major factor in my harassment complaint and denied by management.

Goe, because when strangers know, it's not a secret.

05 April 2008

harassment again

got a new manager, part of the reason things have been better. saw some coworkers being ... less than sincere. left him a note to that effect, and he gave that note to one of them. now they're all mad at me. and the new manager has forbidden me to talk to hr. :(

Goe, stressed.


storyblogging carnival is looking for some.

Goe, been too busy to write.

03 April 2008


same distance in 20:52

could have been faster but am trying to not push myself hard. it seems that overachieving at even menial things alienates a lot of people. the problems caused by alienating people via overachieving outweigh the benefits of overachieving.

Goe, becoming a big fan of his new boss.

02 April 2008

jogging again

restarted jogging now that the weather is getting nice again.

two miles in 23:15. really bad, mostly because i walked about half of it. will do better next time. took me a week to get to four miles last summer, so not a bad re-start.

Goe, cookin' dinner.


Mugabe's party lost control of the zimbabwe parliament. this is a good thing. now to see if the new guys can avoid the greed and powerlust that dominates and decimates africa.

Goe, saddened to see so much potential crushed under tyrants.