05 April 2008

harassment again

got a new manager, part of the reason things have been better. saw some coworkers being ... less than sincere. left him a note to that effect, and he gave that note to one of them. now they're all mad at me. and the new manager has forbidden me to talk to hr. :(

Goe, stressed.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure they can't forbid you to talk to HR. It's like that whole "whistleblower" legislation that came out a few years ago.

Were they stupid enough to write it down for you? If they were, you might just have a nice retirement check waiting for you somewhere nearby...

Goemagog said...

they didn't write it down, but i was told this in front of hr, so hr approves of it. hr's boss may or may not know, but told me to talk to him if things escalate again, so i can skip the hr person entirely if i need to. things are sort of back to how they should be (and were this time last year). =-]

Goe, answering.