26 March 2008

leggo my lego

found obi-wan kenobi, will take him and darth maul to omsi whenever i get around to going. had lost darth maul a few days ago and found obi-wan while cleaning yesterday.

legos + dinosaurs = good times.

and a big head-honcho type guy stepped into the mess at work, spoke softly to a few people, and put a stop to it, so work is fun again!

Goe, wishes he were more constructively creative.

24 March 2008


for some strange reason, i eat more when i'm not working than when i do. it's not that i just eat when i'm bored like in the ago, or that i eat only because i need to like in the long ago and the time before the long ago. i actually get hungry now. have been eating twice a day for most of the last month. how people can eat three times every day still eludes me though.

Goe, doesn't understand how he's not anorexic either.

18 March 2008

more zoo pics

Darth Maul with an elephant

Three grown men "washing an elephant" in public

Nick Nolte-mugshot goodness

Goe, still planning on taking Darth Maul to OMSI.

14 March 2008

chuck and larry

rented it. it's okay, it's like a remake of an older film. seen a lot of those lately, where it's a whole new film, but the main and most subplots parallel an older film. "I want someone to eat cheese with" is like a remake (and references) "Marty", and "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" is like a remake of "A Gentleman's Agreement", but in each case, the new one is funnier but missing much of the poignancy of the original. a lot of the discrimination from "a gentleman's agreement" didn't get carried forward to the new story.

Goe, should get some sleep now.

darth at the zoo

He's so vain, he probably thinks the zoo is about him.

This is Darth with some hippos that he'd subdued. Apparently, they're accomplished sumo wrestlers on some worlds. not this one though.

A penguin tries to eyeball Darth, not good thinking.

12 March 2008

Zoo today

Went to the zoo today. lots of people with small children in strollers. some of the animals look underfed and underexercised. noticed a lot of electric fencing inside the regular fencing. it's probably always been there, but i'd never noticed it before. also saw three grown men scrubbing and rinsing an elephant. not something you see everyday. the elephant seemed happy about it.

Goe, was at the zoo, didn't see it all happening.