27 January 2007

I am not all things to all people

but sometimes, for a little while, I can fake it pretty well. My managers at both jobs have started to treat me like a panacea. It would be nice if it came with a raise or recognition or something other than just bouncing to and fro fixing other people's work in addition to doing my own. It would also be nicer if those other people weren't getting the same raises and recognition I'm not getting, but life isn't fair.

Goe, needs to be looking at job openings again.

26 January 2007


Never rains but it pours and all. while sick with the flu, i forgot to leave the padlock on my locker at job #2. last night, i lost my keys. turns out that the padlock is still at home, so i have access to my locker! already talked to apartment management about replacing my other keys, so all will be fine in goe's little world soon except for the Curse of the Constantly Shedding Kitty.

Goe, has more to say but needs to get some sleep because he has to leave for work in about four hours.

24 January 2007

spoke too soon.

posted that i wasn't dead yet, then BAM! influenza pays a visit. still not dead, but not as alive as i would like either.

Goe, was napped on while napping.

13 January 2007

not dead yet.

kk, moved in mid-november, finally got internet service again (part of cable tv package, but the tv part isn't working yet for some reason...). woot. now if there was only someway to download sleep...

Goe, still working two jobs and getting better at both.