26 October 2008

my bicycle

took apart most of the back tire and replaced some spokes. wheel rim bends more than some rivers, but now i know how (and have the tools) to straighten it, just not going to do it today.

Goe, learning new things.


Windy out, was almost blown over several times while coming home from work. is a warm wind, appreciably warmer than the otherwise chilly early morning air.

Goe, needs food.

25 October 2008

another day

another dollar. off to work i go at this late hour. spent part of today learning to fix bicycle wheels since i rely on them for my commute. will do/learn more tomorrow.

Goe, off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of paychecks.

14 October 2008

new job

new worksite is cool, new co-workers are cool (some are just really fun people), keeping my seniority and contact with the cool crowd amongst the trailer trash of my former coworkers is also cool. went with one of the cool former co-workers to see Henry Rollins last night. Was fun, but i missed some needed sleep. he also tended to veer pretty far into smear attacks on people whenever his discourse touched on politics. also, he thought john adams was president in 1898.

Goe, cause the Spanish-American War was 1898.

03 October 2008


starting at a different location for the same company next week. left the old one (and the assholes who worked there) for the last time this morning. yippee!!

Goe, feeling optimistic.