25 October 2007

stories n stuff

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09 October 2007


there's yet another storyblogging carnival up.

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08 October 2007


Was riding the train to the store and overheard part of a conversation about lawn mowers. It seems that the people having the conversation were in agreement that the safety bar (the one that you have to hold or the lawn mower shuts off) is a poor idea as a person may need to mow their lawns with their hands full. Do these people have a habit of carrying things around while trying to mow their lawns or did they just chew on a lot of chinese lead paint? The really annoying thing (so annoying that I got off and caught the next train to finish my little journey) is that while in agreement, they were trying to out-do one another in their understanding of how ludicrous the safety bar is. The good thing is that Crazy Guy was going to work on the second train and we were able to speak briefly. Later on, I saw someone else I knew from even before the Long Ago.

Goe, watching the last of his rented movies.

02 October 2007

The War

Being a history buff, I was interested in the new ww2 documentary running on pbs. working umpteen hours a day made it a little difficult, and i've thusfar only seen about fifteen minutes of one episode. i wasn't impressed with what i did see. ww2 wasn't defined by racial tensions in defense plants in mobile, alabama, and if you make a ww2 documentary that can go without mentioning any of the combatant nations besides the united states for 15 minutes, you're probably leaving out the big picture.

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