23 December 2008

rosetta stone

seeing commercials for "rosetta stone" software. they say that nasa uses their software to teach people languages. why? why nasa? i can see the state department needing people to speak multiple languages, but why nasa?

Goe, thinks money is being wasted.

22 December 2008


a reporter just said "hallucinization".

Goe, saddened.

18 December 2008

bad drivers

there seems to be an increasing number of software drivers for usb devices that won't load properly if the usb device is disconnected and reconnected, or the computer rebooted. it kind of defeats the point of usb if you have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers every time you want to use a given device.

Goe, annoyed.

11 December 2008


died. dead bicycle. pining for the fjords.

Goe, not sure how he's getting to work in the morning.