31 July 2010

and done

without face, you can see the neck flange inside the head, notice that the face itself is heart shaped.

From this space for sublet

and tada!
From this space for sublet

and back to the giraffe...

More bear

left leg, with crumpled flange...

From this space for sublet

and body with leg attached and flange uncrumpled.

From this space for sublet

the flange permits the leg to rotate, like a ball-n-socket joint, making the bear posable. superglue on the flange (done carefully so as not to glue the leg in place) makes the paper stiffer and less likely to re-crumpled so it doesn't become unattached in the future.
The torso, with neck flange at top. limbs go on with a flange also, so to unfold the flanges inside the body (so they can hold the limbs on), it has to be assembled from the legs up. This bear comes with a wedding dress that i won't be making.

From this space for sublet


the face goes on last. a flange is attached to the top of the body, and crumpled up, inserted through the hole at the base of the head, then unfolded. to unfold it, you reach it through the hole where the face goes, then put the face on to complete the bear.

From this space for sublet

30 July 2010

and now for something different

stopped work on giraffe to make pink bear for expectant coworker.

29 July 2010

Starting a new giraffe

forgot how to make the face, so i looked it up and realized it was actually rather obvious. i hate it when i miss something that seems obvious.