31 July 2006


There is yet another storyblogging carnival up full of blogged story goodness. There's also more Nordlinger, who's not quite so fictional but still something you should read regularly.

Goe, telling you to go forth and read stuff.

generic story

still haven't got the big problem totally fixed, but there will be more adventuring coming soon.

Goe, working on it.

28 July 2006


sustained minor injury at work through no fault of anybody (including me) who works there. kinda of annoying that the first bunch of gauze didn't stop the bleeding, but the second bunch did, so all is well. la di da.

Goe, thinking alcoholism isn't an option.

27 July 2006


been reading the bible a bit lately, and it seems that, in the old testament, the jews kept getting in trouble with god because they wouldn't wipe out the people living there but kept making peace deals instead.

god: kill them all!
them all: please don't.
jews: okay, live over there please.
them all: okey dokey.
god: bad jews, i said kill them!
them all: god says we should kill the bad jews!
jews: uh oh.

Goe, cause it's funny in a macabre way.


i noticed something on mugglenet a month or so ago that apparently nobody on the mugglenet staff noticed. rowling said that she was killing off two more characters than originally planned, and giving one a reprieve. to the various potter website and the 'respectable' media who've talked to them, that means that there are two people dying, instead of the original number plus one that i take from what rowling said.

Goe, rooting for neville to get some payback.

26 July 2006

not quite a zen moment

on the way home, i watched the lights outside, reflected off of my eye, reflected back at me from the window. not very relaxing, but it distracted me from the cramps in my back and the babbling teens who should have been home already.

Goe, would shake his fists at the kids these days if he had any energy left.


drinking so much water at work to stay hydrated that i'm getting sick of the plastic taste in bottled waters. at least it's not so hot now.

Goe, happy about the cooler weather.

25 July 2006

tv guide

the tv guide is pretty useless now. big blocks of time are 'local programming' without saying what the local programming actually is. there's several pages dedicated to pointing out product placement so that people know what they're supposed to go buy. most of it is hyping actors/actresses while donwplaying the shows. it's not a tv guide, it's a celebrity gossip rag. i wanna know what's on, damnit!

Goe, flippin' channels.

23 July 2006


now that my job isn't crippling me with pain and fatigue, i'll try to write more of The Generic Adventure.

Goe, stretching.


was told by a relative to get a myspace account. told them i'd think about it. i did think about it, and i'm going to pass. they said that they have one and i've been trying to find it with google, to no avail as of yet.

update: was sent a link by his wife.

Goe, will keep trying.

18 July 2006

conversation at work

crazy guy: "it says scantron, i thought it said scat tron."
me: "scat is never wrong."
crazy guy: "that's right."

Goe, gonna go help kitties in the morning.


i overheard someone today telling someone else that jesus was crucified by the romans because he had walked on water. lesson here: if you're going to try telling bible stories, read the bible first!

Goe, nothing follows.

15 July 2006


i've been invited to go out drinking after work with some of my coworkers three times now, tonight being the first time i had any cash with me and accepted. having trouble typing even though i only had half a bottle of something called "black butte porter", a horrible drink i wouldn't recommend to anyone. tasted like rotten fruit with a strong aftertaste of bitter apples. i didn't try anything else, but my manager was drinking guiness, one batshit insane guy was drinking the porter stuff (the reason i decided to try it), and two people were drinking something else. i didn't have more because i didn't want to get so drunk i couldn't get myself home, or start vomiting or anything. i don't think i'm drunk, but i know my coordination is a bit off (still typing 75wpm or faster though). one weird side effect is that my mind seems to be clearer now than it normally is, but was like that before we even got to the bar. the crazy guy and myself got rides to the bar from a hispanic guy we work with (the crazy guy carpools with him) and crazy guy kept giving him directions in sort of a mock-spanish that the driver had trouble understanding, and the crazy guy didn't even know where the place was. drove past it three times.

trying to be responsible, i left at 11:30ish, made my way home (there now), to find out (cellphones not allowed where i work), that i have a second interview at a place i interviewed at last week. they want to schedule a time this weekend, but i've got a family reunion tomorrow, and i don't know if they'll be open to sunday or not. may have to stop by on the way to the reunion. lower pay but more hours and less backbreaking work.

Goe, at least makes his money honestly.

14 July 2006

Bus stop

So I'm waiting at a bus stop with a bunch of other people, and a bus pulls up. one person gets on the bus, the second person in line stands at the door asking the bus driver questions, not getting on, not letting others get on. that bus was running late, so the next bus (frequent service line) pulls up behind it. the crowd blocked my path to the second bus, and it was gone before the person asking the first bus driver questions made up their mind about whether or not to take that bus. everyone else there just stood around, oblivious to the second bus which, due to the indecisiveness of the second boarder, wound up in front of the first bus. is being aware of what's going on around you really that difficult that a bus is hard to spot?

Goe, cause they're not smaller than a breadbasket.

11 July 2006

Space Age

a upi headline, repeated on drudge

NASA to use Space Age 'droid' satellites

Wouldn't any artificial satellite be "space age"?

Goe, needs a disco nap.

Bank of America

Bank of America, it turns out, doesn't honor checks written on their accounts unless you have an account with them also. told me to go to a check-cashing store instead.

Goe, grrrrr.

10 July 2006


had a dream last night in which i started writing a whole new long story. need to finish up the ones i've already started though.

Goe, maybe will write more soon.

04 July 2006

weird bird

a few weeks ago, i was walking down the street and there was a crow on a power line sort of overhead. since lots of birds like to sit on power lines, it wasn't that weird. it got weird when the bird started following me and cawing, almost overhead, for half a block. at least it didn't hit me with anything.

Goe, tired.


there's another one up over there.

Goe, pointing the way.

Vegetable Oil

So I wasn't paying attention and bought some tuna fish in vegetable oil. It tastes funny and probably is unhealthy compared to the tuna in water that I normally get. It's like some sinister tuna company plot. Evil bastards!

Goe, raging against tunaco.

01 July 2006


I know lawyers are evil and all, but I want a second opinion on this.

Q. What are the basic requirements for rest breaks under Oregon law?
A. Employers must provide workers with a paid, uninterrupted 10-minute rest break for every four-hour segment or major portion thereof in the work period. OAR 839-020-0050(1)(b). The rest break should be given in the middle of each segment, whenever possible.

- here

would working 20 minutes, taking a ten minute break, then working four and a half hours be discouraged or illegal?

Q. What does "major portion" of four hours mean?
A. The "major portion" of four hours means any segment greater than two hours. Whenever a segment exceeds two hours, the employer must provide a rest break for that segment.

this would imply it was illegal, but i'm thinking that it may be legal depending on how one decides to break out the five hours into a four hour period and the lesser part of a four hour period.

Goe, will probably mail in a complain this weekend unless he hears otherwise.