23 July 2006


was told by a relative to get a myspace account. told them i'd think about it. i did think about it, and i'm going to pass. they said that they have one and i've been trying to find it with google, to no avail as of yet.

update: was sent a link by his wife.

Goe, will keep trying.


Rachmeg said...

You already have a space, irregardless of your ability to rent it out.

Rach, has no desire to see nekkid myspace pictures of Goe or his kitties.

Goemagog said...

yes, i'm definately more of a clothed type of person. between myspace and livejournal, it's almost amazing that we have any sentence structure left!

Goe, cuz u mak mi lol!!!!

Jaxia said...

I don't think google will help you find it unless they typed their name on the page.

If you have a myspace account, you can search by first and/or last name. Since most people choose to hide their real names, this is usually the only way to find them.

I have a myspace account for keeping up with my less techie friends and family. I've also reconnected with a bunch of HS and college friends, which has been nice :)

Kate said...

I deleted my account because it wouldn't let me delete my birthday. Principle, or something.

Plus, I kept getting messages from people who thought they'd met me at some seedy bar I'd never been to, but knew what school I went to, or who recognized me from elementary school but had no idea who I was, or who wanted to apologize for mean things they did in high school that I totally forgot about and being reminded made me feel kinda shitty. Blech to all of it.

Kate, because reuniting doesn't always feel so good.

Goemagog said...

i don't want a myspace account for pretty much the same reasons, also why i don't want a livejournal account. the problem is that i'm a bit concerned that relatives may find this blog and think it'd be funny to post way too much information about me/them/other relatives. discretion in mixed company is not a familial strongpoint. a myspace or livejournal might serve as a decoy for such purposes, and so must be considered no matter the vileness.

Goe, considering.