25 July 2006

tv guide

the tv guide is pretty useless now. big blocks of time are 'local programming' without saying what the local programming actually is. there's several pages dedicated to pointing out product placement so that people know what they're supposed to go buy. most of it is hyping actors/actresses while donwplaying the shows. it's not a tv guide, it's a celebrity gossip rag. i wanna know what's on, damnit!

Goe, flippin' channels.


Kate said...

If you don't mind using the computer, http://tv.yahoo.com is pretty good to me with these things. It remembers your zip code, so you only have to click once to get the guide.

Kate, with a permanent laptop glued to my torso.

...and who can't do any word verifications containing the letter q.

Goemagog said...

i use both that and the tvguide website, which has better listings than the magazine version. it's all automated, so it's not like it'd cost them an arm and a leg to make the magazine version as complete, they just don't care.

Goe, prefers dealing with people who do care.