14 July 2006

Bus stop

So I'm waiting at a bus stop with a bunch of other people, and a bus pulls up. one person gets on the bus, the second person in line stands at the door asking the bus driver questions, not getting on, not letting others get on. that bus was running late, so the next bus (frequent service line) pulls up behind it. the crowd blocked my path to the second bus, and it was gone before the person asking the first bus driver questions made up their mind about whether or not to take that bus. everyone else there just stood around, oblivious to the second bus which, due to the indecisiveness of the second boarder, wound up in front of the first bus. is being aware of what's going on around you really that difficult that a bus is hard to spot?

Goe, cause they're not smaller than a breadbasket.


Kate said...

Was it one of those newfangled invisible buses?

8 character word verification!?! Blogger, what are you doing to me!?!?!

Kate, frustrated by gibberish.

Goemagog said...

it didn't look very invisible to me, but i used to think that typing 90wpm was a job skill until somecone let me know that it isn't.

Goe, needs to get some sleep.