15 July 2006


i've been invited to go out drinking after work with some of my coworkers three times now, tonight being the first time i had any cash with me and accepted. having trouble typing even though i only had half a bottle of something called "black butte porter", a horrible drink i wouldn't recommend to anyone. tasted like rotten fruit with a strong aftertaste of bitter apples. i didn't try anything else, but my manager was drinking guiness, one batshit insane guy was drinking the porter stuff (the reason i decided to try it), and two people were drinking something else. i didn't have more because i didn't want to get so drunk i couldn't get myself home, or start vomiting or anything. i don't think i'm drunk, but i know my coordination is a bit off (still typing 75wpm or faster though). one weird side effect is that my mind seems to be clearer now than it normally is, but was like that before we even got to the bar. the crazy guy and myself got rides to the bar from a hispanic guy we work with (the crazy guy carpools with him) and crazy guy kept giving him directions in sort of a mock-spanish that the driver had trouble understanding, and the crazy guy didn't even know where the place was. drove past it three times.

trying to be responsible, i left at 11:30ish, made my way home (there now), to find out (cellphones not allowed where i work), that i have a second interview at a place i interviewed at last week. they want to schedule a time this weekend, but i've got a family reunion tomorrow, and i don't know if they'll be open to sunday or not. may have to stop by on the way to the reunion. lower pay but more hours and less backbreaking work.

Goe, at least makes his money honestly.


Rachmeg said...

Dark and flavored beers are an aquired taste, I think.

Rach, relaxes with an 8oz. glass of Baily's on ice.

Goemagog said...

so it would seem. need to go shopping, find something palatable.

Goe, lots of things he needs to do.