01 July 2006


I know lawyers are evil and all, but I want a second opinion on this.

Q. What are the basic requirements for rest breaks under Oregon law?
A. Employers must provide workers with a paid, uninterrupted 10-minute rest break for every four-hour segment or major portion thereof in the work period. OAR 839-020-0050(1)(b). The rest break should be given in the middle of each segment, whenever possible.

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would working 20 minutes, taking a ten minute break, then working four and a half hours be discouraged or illegal?

Q. What does "major portion" of four hours mean?
A. The "major portion" of four hours means any segment greater than two hours. Whenever a segment exceeds two hours, the employer must provide a rest break for that segment.

this would imply it was illegal, but i'm thinking that it may be legal depending on how one decides to break out the five hours into a four hour period and the lesser part of a four hour period.

Goe, will probably mail in a complain this weekend unless he hears otherwise.


Kate said...

I'd have to take the Oregon bar and be admitted to legally give you my opinion on this..

Good luck!

See, even lawyers are scared of lawyers.

Rachmeg said...

Boo Hoo.

Rach, because the only part of a job worth doing well is figuring out how to get by without doing any work.