30 July 2007


Sometimes, when I ride the bus from home to job#2, which only happens once or twice a week, there's a guy who gets on the bus about halfway to work who smells. Not as in needs-a-shower-homeless-guy smells, but once he smelled strongly of ketchup, and saturday evening he smelled of roses.

Goe, lives in a very strange world.

28 July 2007

in dreams

had a dream in which i tried to explain to someone the fallacy of believing in stuff that happens in dreams.

Goe, getting ready for work

25 July 2007


Almost every night, as I travel from job#1 to job#2, I transfer twice on the local transit system. Almost every night, on the last bus I ride, which I reach at varying times depending on when I get out of job#1, there are the same three people already riding the bus. If I'm early, they're usually early, and if I'm late, they are usually likewise late. It's kind of creepy, although I don't know if they hide in the bushes when a police car drives by.

Goe, noticing such things.

18 July 2007

bus stop intrigue

8 people standing at a bus stop. police car drives by, three people standing at bus stop, five people hiding in bushes.

Goe, doesn't like this neighborhood.

11 July 2007


Crazy Guy goes around flexing at work, like a bodybuilder posing. Other people flex back, equally in jest. Sometimes, I do as well. Yesterday...

Me: It would probably be more impressive if I was wearing a wifebeater.
CG: Probably.
Me: It would be less impressive if I were a wifebeater.
CG: Probably, unless you were a wifebeater wearing a wifebeater at a convention of wifebeaters giving a lecture on wifebeating, then you'd be with peers.
Me: I'd end up in jail trying to not get a new boyfriend.
CG: Or... (almost falls over laughing)
a minute passes...
Me: Hold that thought.
another minute passes...
Me: Well?
CG: Or you could be a wifebeater in prison wearing a wifebeater looking for a new boyfriend because your old boyfriend beats you.

Goe, at least we kept the rabid raping baboons and dog vomit out of the conversation.

10 July 2007

A regular event

Yet again last night, while working at job#1, I look up to see two managers talking just out of my earshot, with one of them staring at me. It happens a lot now, several times a week. Sometimes there's three managers, sometimes Crazy Guy is with them, but they talk and stare. It's kind of creepy. On the plus side, since we work in a building without climate control or breezes, they've been providing us with popsicles on the 90+ days during our break.

Goe, needs to get some water on the way to work.

09 July 2007


I'm smitten with Fair Visage, who doesn't date co-workers and seems to be a bit off in the head. :(

Goe, having a good day anyways.

train trevails

had some free time so i went downtown to run some errands. on the train trip downtown, a sort of cute girl kept staring at me. usually i'm just ignored so the abnormality of being stared at forced me to muster all of my self-control to not laugh at the poor girl. on the trip back from downtown, two drama queens got into a slapfest, complete with friends recording said slap-fest on cellphones. my mellow was harshed.

Goe, wants you to stop harshing his mellow.

05 July 2007

got promoted

a few weeks ago, i got promoted at job#2. instead of being a part-time employee working 40 hours a week there, i'm a full time employee working 40 hours a week. plus 25 hours a week at my other job and i'm way too frickin' busy to visit strip clubs like my co-workers seem to think i should.

Goe, with a life embellished by Kafka.