25 July 2007


Almost every night, as I travel from job#1 to job#2, I transfer twice on the local transit system. Almost every night, on the last bus I ride, which I reach at varying times depending on when I get out of job#1, there are the same three people already riding the bus. If I'm early, they're usually early, and if I'm late, they are usually likewise late. It's kind of creepy, although I don't know if they hide in the bushes when a police car drives by.

Goe, noticing such things.


Rachmeg said...

Have you ever seen the Truman show?

Rach - Pondering.

Goemagog said...

Yes. I've often thought my life would make more sense if it were some sort of reality show with viewers voting on what happens next. Fortunately, I understand that not everything makes sense and will retain my sanity for now.

Goe,not wearing a tinfoil hat.