11 July 2007


Crazy Guy goes around flexing at work, like a bodybuilder posing. Other people flex back, equally in jest. Sometimes, I do as well. Yesterday...

Me: It would probably be more impressive if I was wearing a wifebeater.
CG: Probably.
Me: It would be less impressive if I were a wifebeater.
CG: Probably, unless you were a wifebeater wearing a wifebeater at a convention of wifebeaters giving a lecture on wifebeating, then you'd be with peers.
Me: I'd end up in jail trying to not get a new boyfriend.
CG: Or... (almost falls over laughing)
a minute passes...
Me: Hold that thought.
another minute passes...
Me: Well?
CG: Or you could be a wifebeater in prison wearing a wifebeater looking for a new boyfriend because your old boyfriend beats you.

Goe, at least we kept the rabid raping baboons and dog vomit out of the conversation.

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