27 January 2007

I am not all things to all people

but sometimes, for a little while, I can fake it pretty well. My managers at both jobs have started to treat me like a panacea. It would be nice if it came with a raise or recognition or something other than just bouncing to and fro fixing other people's work in addition to doing my own. It would also be nicer if those other people weren't getting the same raises and recognition I'm not getting, but life isn't fair.

Goe, needs to be looking at job openings again.


Jaxia said...

I wish life were fair.

Goemagog said...

there's some expression about 'if wishes were horses' or ponies or luxury yachts. the expression never made sense to me. like a snide way of saying 'everybody has hopes and dreams.'

Goe, getting better.