08 April 2008


I know lots of people who love cheesecake. I don't mind it but it's not something I would go out of my way to try. Saw some on sale at the store a month or so ago and thought I'd try it to see if I notice anything that I missed before, like flavor.

I didn't. Bland, gooey, etc., but now I keep finding myself wanting cheesecake. I still don't like or dislike it, I just want to eat it.

Goe, thinks it's weird.


Kate said...

I think it may be peer pressure for me. I don't really like it, either, but everyone makes such a big deal out of it that I almost convince myself that I want it.

Kinda like chocolate and ice cream.

Goemagog said...

but there is no peer pressure on me regarding my diet.

Goe, puzzled.