15 February 2006

linkspam ii

it used to be that almost every time i posted something, there'd be several hits within a couple of minutes, and both would be spamlinks. the referrals listing on sitemeter would point to blogs that exist solely to house advertisements. this was a bit offputting at first, but i got used to it (after turning on the weird code thing to block the comment spam that was coming with them). now these referral spams are coming at random. i haven't been posting much, but i still get three or four of those a day, plus a couple real visitors. i haven't been posting much not because i'm burned out, but because there's nothing to talk about. the most intersting thing i've learned in the past month that i didn't link to on here at the time is that harry potter seems to be a third cousin or so of draco malfoy.

Goe, doesn't read that much.

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