13 August 2006

Energy drinks

I'm frequently exhausted (more to do with relatives annoying me at all hours than anything else), but i've never tried an 'energy drink'. so tonight, being annoyed by relatives, i bought and tried a red bull. didn't give me wings, actually made it harder to stay awake for about an hour. meh.

Goe, wishes he could be as rude to people as they think he is.


Kate said...

Red Bull puts me to sleep sometimes.

Goemagog said...

i bought some others to try as the occasion arises.

Goe, glad to not be alone on that.

Jaxia said...

If I've had something to eat, I don't really notice a difference when I drink any energy drink. If I haven't had anything to eat, they can make me jittery. I find it odd because caffeine doesn't have any effect on me, no matter how much I drink. It must be some of the other stuff they put in energy drinks.

Personally, I like the taste of Red Bull, so I'd drink it just to drink it :)

Rachmeg said...

Red Bull is supposed to work really well when mixed with Vodka.

Rach warns - Don't drink too much caffine or it might kill you.

Goemagog said...

i think that much chocolate milk would make me queasy.

Goe, with a bigger shoe size than two months ago.