09 February 2009


I resumed my unpacking from my recent move and whilst being distracted by my lego's, it occurred to me how we can improve our national defense by visual intimidation of our enemies. the key is spikes. spikes on everything. an abrahms tank may have a 120mm smoothbore cannon capable of blowing up a lot of stuff, but an abrahms tank with big spikes on the front, and maybe a bayonet on the cannon, is a lot scarier if it's coming at you. now picture spikes on a hmmwv, an aircraft carrier, or a b-52. scarier.

Goe, because they SHOULD be afraid of us.


Rachmeg said...

Nuke the Moon

Rach - Hasn't moved, but did refinance, because massive debt, is good if there is lots of inflation.

Goemagog said...

we could just nuke our enemies too.

Goe, would rather not piss the moon off.