17 September 2006

Greatest show within 20 feet.

went to see the circus this afternoon, missing hours of valuable sleep time for what promised to be a very memorable show. turned out to be mostly musical numbers, with fewer than 10 performing groups (the clowns were just lame). the horses did nothing but go in loops (they didn't bother even setting up rings) while riders did stunts on horseback, the elephants mostly just stood there, the only other animals were birds, dogs, and housecats that were part of a rather cool display (and highlight of the show) by an animal trainer. way too much time was spent on dance numbers, and the 'circus singer' spoke more than the 'ringmaster', a pretty lame thing for 'the greatest show on earth'. turns out that ringling bros is broken in three, and i got tickets to the show put on by 'disney on ice' producers instead of one worth paying for. so i squeezed in a few hours of sleep and it's off to work in a few.

Goe, not waiting for 'Anne Frank on Ice'


Kate said...

Reminds me of a book I just read and loved. The Dreaming Jewels, by Theodore Sturgeon. Main characters are sideshow people. Doesn't sound like you have much time for reading, and no idea if you like the genre (mildly sci fi?) but it is splendiferous.

Goemagog said...

actually, i just picked up 'Sharpe's Fury' today.

Goe, needs to read and write more.