31 March 2007

Howdy Stranger

It's me again. Am much better adapted to working 13 hour days lugging heavy things about on three hours of sleep and negligible nutritional intake. Will re-write 'It Started With Goats' sometime this weekend and post it since there doesn't seem to be an existant copy anywhere that I know of. Job #2 decided that even though I work twice as hard as most of my co-workers, I'm not doing enough to be considered for promotions that I was promised for doing far less, so I'm trying to transfer to another location in the company. My boss at Job#1 said that he'd make a full-time space for me if I wanted, but that only means an extra 5-10 hours a week there (I usually do 25-30 and they cap 'full-time' employees at 37.5 because corporate is terrified of overtime pay). On another note, low-level managers at Job #1 make almost twice what I do, and I already meet most of their qualifications...

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