16 June 2008

Milling about

Leash laws are important, but only if they're pretty.

A volcano lounges in the afternoon sun.

Goe, had a really nice weekend.


Rachmeg said...

Nice pics.

Tell Bob if that lasts more than 4 hours he needs to see a doctor.

Cause when the Volcano blow - you can come stay at my house.

Rach, Had a pretty good weekend too.

Goemagog said...

that's not bob. we don't talk about that tree. at least not in mixed company.

Goe, glad to hear from you again.

Rachmeg said...

Always lurking, keeping busy.

I found a new toy tonight - remember this?...

He wanted to know how fast he could go,
Faster than light, it was too damn slow,
He wanted to go fast, fly over the trees,
But there is a wall up ahead and the wall disagrees.


Rach - wasn't able to find that story I wrote. If I wrote it again, I wonder if it would even be close to the same.