16 August 2009

Richard Marx

He won't give up until he's satisfied.

1) he doesn't listen to the rolling stones and doesn't know that he can't get no satisfaction, no no no, hey hey hey, that's what they say.

2) he's really being satisfied but keeps claiming this to extort more from people forced to listen to him sing.

3) he has no attention span and forgets that he is unsatisfied after a few minutes of singing and goes to the next song.

Goe, going with a combo of 1 and 3


Anonymous said...

What a fucking load of shit. Richard Marx is a pop icon and better then the shit that's on the radio at the moment.

Goemagog said...

pop icon?

in an alternate dimension, someone is saying the same thing about britney spears.

Goe, likes all kinds of music.