06 August 2007

Nuking Paris

Paris was on the 'to nuke' list several times for assorted reasons. That list having met it's demise with the collapse of the nest, I've not bothered to try resurrecting it. It occurred to me, though, that every spy film I've seen that were made recently held to 'the enemy within' theme. The only exceptions are some of the Bond films, but even the last few of them hinged on having 'good guys' turn out to be working for someone else or pushing some evil agenda. Barring WW2 spy films and the earlier bond films, I can't think of any spy-thriller where the good guys actually all were. (the jack ryan stories came to mind just as I wrote that, so it's not all, but even the ww2 set film 'enigma' had a traitor or two). What does this have to do with nuking Paris? It was the damned frogs who came up with using cynicism as a form of societal suicide.

Goe, not writing as much as he would like to.

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