21 August 2007


To make up for the exercise I'm not getting at job#1 these days, I've taken up jogging. There's a park with a trail through it within walking distance from where I live, and while there yesterday there was an incident of squirrelly interest. There are signs indicating quite plainly that the squirrels are not to be fed by park-goers, but this obviously happens anyways because the squirrels like to come out of their trees and follow a few feet behind people utilizing the trail. Yesterday, the day mentioned prior, three squirrels began to follow me as I was going along the trail. I looked back at them and saw the closest one turn and chase the other two off before resuming it's vain pursuit of goodies I didn't have and wouldn't have shared with a rodent in any event.

Goe, knows that even though everybody wants something from him, it's only sometimes funny.