13 November 2005


This blog is now one of the top 25 results for "carrottop" on both msn and google.

that just isn't right.

Goe, confounded.


Rachmeg said...

If it were any other link, I would be suspicious that it was an attempt by one of your mysterious "linkers" to trick Google.

But, given the reference, I kinda believe that you could be one of the 25 most popular, informative sites to mention Carrottop in a context that didn't get banned by a language filter.

Rach, wondering how in the hell you found that. You need a job man...

Goemagog said...

if you click on the sitemeter thingie on the lower left (way down at the bottom), and go to referrals, you can see the search engine pages that linked in, and if you click on those links, it'll take you to the actual search engine page. the article wasn't actually about carrottop, had nothing to do with him, i just got 'carrottop attacked, eaten by eddie rabbitt" stuck in my head.

Goe, filling out some more federal applications.

Rachmeg said...

Just don't apply at Taco Bell. I don't think they are just making food back there.

I'm thinking if this guy wasn't a nester, he should have been.

Rach, cause it doen't matter if some urban legands are true or not.