01 November 2005

Just a theory.

I've heard all sorts of theories online about what happened to iraq's chemical and biological weapons programs. the one i believe isn't one i've seen or heard anywhere. i think we've found them. the u.s. investigation in iraq for weapons (i think documented in the kay report) found that the iraqi's had stopped working on most obvious biological weapons and was trying to weaponize other diseases as well as practicing on non-lethal virii and bacteria (i.e. using camelpox in the lab instead of smallpox). i think they did the same thing with chemical weapons. instead of producing sarin, they made large amounts of pesticides which are toxic to humans as well as bugs. if anybody asks, it's just pesticide, but can be put into a chemical weapons warhead on a moments notice.

several times, soldiers in iraq went to areas where people said there were chemical weapons and became sick, only to "find" barrels of pesticides buried there., and the camoflauged trailers identified pre-war as portable chemical weapons manufacturing areas were found scrubbed clean and identified by the cia as only used for pesticide production.

Goe, can't prove that theory.

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Rachmeg said...

Sounds right.

Rach - because it would still be Bush's fault if we got hit with them.