27 June 2006

job security

got a job that isn't likely to leave me anytime soon like some have in the past. it's the closest thing locally to working in a coal mine that i know of (part-time and low paying to boot), but it's a regular paycheck, and regular paychecks are nice. had another interview this morning that went along the lines of 'we don't care if you can outwork every employee we have, you're a loser so go away!'... so since it turns out that i don't really need my brain for anything, i've been thinking of taking up a new vice, alcohol (never touched the stuff previously) being a frontrunner concept. Pesky brain cells! Take that!

Goe, using Rachmeg's link to plan his revenge on you all!


Anonymous said...

You could always go into Porn. I hear for men it's a growth industry. *rimshot*

- MW

Kate said...

Might I recommend wine?

It's a lovely, lovely vice. And the red grapes are good for your heart! (But I think it still counts as a vice...) Oh, and you can use your brain a bit to learn all about it. I really like the Windows on the World book on wine. Yummmm. I think I'll have some with lunch.