16 June 2006

Volcano Lancing

You may think it's not important. You may think you live many miles from anything even looking like a volcano. Geology says you're wrong. They're coming to get you!

Goe, not so worried about the jacobin squirrels.


Rachmeg said...

This is just more proof that there is an all knowing God. There are not many places in the world more deserving of fire and brimstone than the Seattle/Portland area. While the citizens have only been there for the last couple hundred years at best, that lava, has been building up for the big pop, for thousands.

Rach - because a big bang might cure global warming.

Goemagog said...

the yellowstone one is moving east though, towards YOU!

Goe, finds volcanos interesting.

Kate said...

I, uh, moved my blog.

CMB, doesn't hate Goe.

Goemagog said...


Goe, yayying.