08 June 2006

Rumsfeld is still an idiot.

I'm very much in favor of securing our borders, winning the current war,
and having a kick-ass military, which is why I still think Rumsfeld is
still an idiot. One of the motives for the pentagon's 'transformation'
is to reduce the ratio of tail to teeth so that more of our soldiers are
in combat roles instead of support roles. This leaves us with the
question that if reducing the tail is so beneficial, why are we using href="http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,198097,00.html">soldiers to be
the tail
for non-military agencies. The real reason is that the
tail is needed and can't be done away with no matter what href="http://www.indepundit.com/">some people think. It can
probably be shrunk a bit, there is always some waste, but not enough to
drastically alter the structure of our military. The ratio remains
about the same in 'transformation', but the tooth part is shrunk as
well, and as soldiers are removed from the tail, they're replaced by
civilian's on the pentagon's payroll. The real savings doesn't come
from shrinking the tail, it comes from shrinking the teeth, something
done with trickery to make the teeth seem to grow instead.

Goe, against it.


activist kaza said...

For further confirmation of his idiocy, read this over at the kazablog

Goemagog said...

you're an idiot. zarqawi was complaining in the last released intercepted letter that he was only winning the propaganda war in the west, was losing the real war due to a growing shortage of weapons and volunteers, and was losing the propaganda war inside iraq. killing off zarqawi is a major event because zarqawi was the only terrorist in iraq to successfully portray himself to anyone as something other than a terrorist. now it will be easier to treat the rest as run-of-the-mill criminals and 'bandits', which will make them even less appealing politically and further reduce their support.

Goe, thinks you're an idiot.