25 September 2005

Beating InstaBlender again!

Sometimes it's good to hit a subject before it hits 'mainstream' blogs. Everything non-feminine is decried as barbaric, and this isn't good. Some notice that USA Today has an article about it. An unhappy BBC employee complained about it months ago, not how it's affected educational outcomes, but how it affected everything in life. The BBC even celebrates over it's disparaging treatment of the non-femininegender.

Goe, apparently only good for looting and pillaging, needs viking helmet and axe.


Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from Canada
your blog is very interesting!

Rachmeg said...

Wow. Goe attracted a guy from Qu├ębec. With his profile, I wonder if he was looking for a topic here, or if you were just a random page link.

Rach - remembering now that Goe writes stories

Goemagog said...

i think that one was a random page link.

Goe, could be wrong.