27 September 2005


Been compelled by other people to watch the dvds of the show. i must confess it's growing on me even though the stories remain annoyingly predictable.

some carnival thingie is up.

and y'all should be in bed right now! what the hell is wrong with you?!

On another note. most of the first person shooter games now have 'neutral' characters that are just sort of there for atmosphere. whenever i'm playing an fps game and get to the part where you are shooting past guards in the evil villain's mad science lab, i always shoot the employees. always figure they should have known better than to facilitate evil villainous plots. am i being overly vengeant?

Goe, learned that you can't shoot the monkeys in 'no one lives forever'.


Rachmeg said...

'neutral characters' and 'useless props' as well.

Like the hooker/dancers in Duke Nukem. Or the look-alike action figure doll that would remind you that..."I don't have time to play with myself"

Rach - because if you look without seeing, its likely that you will find that "There is a Grue here."

Goemagog said...


Goe, thinks you've nailed it.