15 April 2006

Iranian Nukes

A problem with internet threads is that they often bring out the ignorant and the stupid, such as this fark thread comprised mostly of comments supportive of iran's nuclear ambitions and self-proclaimed genocidal intent. Some of the participants believe that anyone who's been in a church more often than they have is a religious extremist. Some believe that the United States and Israel are the cause of all of the world's problems and should be destroyed. Some believe that any country without an overtly leftist government is evil and should be destroyed. Some of them are ignorant, some are stupid, but most are proud to oppose anything they see as non-harmful to bush.

If we do something to stop Iran, we're evil warmongers. If we don't do something and Iran goes nuclear, it's all part of a bush-bin laden conspiracy to impose theocracy on the world. They have no suggestions to deal with the situation themselves, only an eagerness to blame bush for not having done it differently no matter what he does.

Goe, wishing bush was more like Reagan than petain.

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