27 April 2006

Lefter of Stalin?

Another local genocidal marxist decided that Hillary Clinton, supporter of nationalizing everything in the name of the proletariat, is too right wing to be in the Democratic Party. Stalinists don't have control of this country yet and they're already planning purges and show trials.

Goe, feeling weary.


Kate said...


If I was the girl in your cartoon at the top, my response would be as follows:

"I have no problem with Americans doing in Iraq what illegal immigrants do here: taking low-paying (or high-paying, if they can find them) jobs, and trying to make a living. They can even come, vote, and try to change the government through the democratic process. But I'd rather they not come marching in with big guns and ugly uniforms and the attitude that they are all superior to us. So, yes, I think they have as much right to America as I believe Americans have to Iraq. Now wear did I put the rest of my outfit?"

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry for the generalization about Republicans. Yes, it was scapegoating. Isn't that to be expected in a blog?

I just noticed your subtitle and I'll make sure to stop reading when I get my bar results in October (assuming they're positive.)

Goemagog said...

so you haven't been watching the marches or listening to the stuff about azatlan? today's cartoon is pretty weak, and the women are usually underdressed for supposedly being in a workplace, but it's also unfortunately pretty common for women to dress inappropriately in a workplace.

Goe, because class trumps bare flesh.

Kate said...

Having only lived in South Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia, my views about immigrants generally have been shaped by a "they come here to get away from horrible elsewhere" frame of reference.
I'll do a little research on Aztlan, but I'm sure a few militant immigrants won't change my mind about the many more who come here for opportunities they don't have elsewhere.

Thanks for the discussion. If we keep it up, I'll be able to read your blog for the whole next year, because I'll have to stay in law school another year after failing my exams Monday and Tuesday.

Goemagog said...

the thing at the top is actually non-binding. it has to do with a group-blog that i was the main contributor at for a while. I'm for doubling or maybe even tripling the legal immigration limits, but I think the illegal immigration is way out of hand and oppose amnesty for those who knowingly broke our immigration laws.

Goe, 'next blog' surfing.