14 April 2006

Rumsfeld is an idiot

I've believed Rumsfeld is an idiot ever since the hat fiasco when he resumed the Secretary of Defense job. Anyone who thinks a new hat would improve morale is either a shopaholic or an idiot, and Mr. Rumsfeld doesn't strike me as the kind of person with a closet full of shoes.

I wrote a lot about his policy of "transformation" wherein the army is tranformed into a couple of special forces unit, equipment is replaced with wishful thinking, and mercenaries are hired to fill in all the gaps, back on the other site I used to write on (back before the admin there decided it was wrong of me to confront a lawyer with proof that the information he was plagiarizing was wrong).

So two points here. 1. Rumsfeld is an idiot. 2. Generals always fight the last war because they know how it was fought. Anybody who says they know how the next war will be fought is talking out of their ass, as a lot of it will depend on who we're fighting against. 3. Iraq is another Vietnam. It doesn't matter how well we're doing or how just the cause is if most of the planet is rooting for us to lose, including parts of our own country, like hollywood and the news agencies.

Okay, that was three points, so bite me.

Goe, can type 90wpm, CAN YOU?!

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