12 April 2006

To Be Enlightened

It must be a terrible burdened to be an 'enlightened' individual. One who can agree with the wise leaders of HAMAS that Israel rewarding terrorists by giving them land is an act of aggression that makes terrorism necessary.

Yes, those evil Israeli's, planning to slaughter the poor hapless palestinians by dropping the burdens of responsibility on their shoulders. And it's good that Snabulus let's us know that the land once belonged to the palestinians, and that no jews lived outside of Central Europe until 1945, giving none of them any real claim to territory outside of Central Europe.

Okay, enough being sarcastic. It's sad that someone can post such nonsense as to claim that giving someone you've defeated in what realistically amounted to a civil war land that their 'friends' took in that war, and that you later took from those 'friends' during one of their attacks against you later on, is something bad. It's sadder still that not only do they believe that their gibberish makes sense, some of the commentors think that he is being overly kind to the 'zionists'.

Goe, thinks teen dramas should be outlawed.

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